How does the Seen By feature work on Workplace?

Seen by is a post metric that counts the number of people who've viewed a post. When you hover over the Seen by count below the post, a list of the people who've viewed the post appears.
Closed and Secret groups
For Closed and Secret groups, the list of people will be limited to group members. The Seen by count will not exceed the group members count unless members are leaving the group after viewing a post.
Open groups
For Open groups, the list of individuals can include anyone from within your organization and the Seen by count can exceed the group members count.
Note: To view the Seen by count on a post, you will need to view the post within a group. The metric won't be displayed if you view the post in News Feed (but viewing the post in News Feed will still contribute to the Seen by count). Unlike video views, the Seen by count is unique to each location the content is shared - Seen by counts how many times that specific post has been seen, not how many times the content has been seen across all the places it has been shared.
Workplace Live videos
While a Workplace Live broadcast is in progress, the number of live viewers can be seen in the top left of the video frame. This number will increase and decrease as people start or stop watching your broadcast.
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